The need for having a responsive theme is no longer just a hot topic or trend, but essential to providing your users a good experience. There are literally thousands of WordPress themes available online, both free and paid. There are over 2,000 themes available on -and over 12k themes on

This site you are browsing is dedicated to scouring the web for  the best responsive WordPress themes and giving an unbiased review on the best of the best. You should also check out our blog where we show you how to install WordPress themes and other goodies.

So, what’s the benefit to having a responsive theme vs a traditional WordPress theme? It’s simple. There are so many different screen sizes on computers, tablets, and smart phones. A responsive theme is fluid and adapts to different screen sizes and resolutions. Ultimately it makes the user experience of your site better overall and encourages your readers to stay a while longer.

This site you’re on right now is using a responsive theme. Try it on your phone, tablet, laptop, or even traditional PC. You’ll notice that it scales and re-aligns everything according to your screen size.

Nevertheless, below you will find some of the best responsive WordPress themes currently available. Make sure to check back frequently as we update the list all of the time.